Bryan trimbath, PE


With more than 40 years of structural engineering experience as a precast specialty engineer, Mr. Trimbath has provided engineering services on hundreds of precast/prestressed structures for precast manufacturers across the U.S., Canada, Central & South America, the Carribbean and abroad.  He has provided oversight of the precast design and detailing of high profile projects i.e. parking garages, professional football/baseball & manufacturing facilities, bridges/marine structures, multi-family housing, prisons, penitentiaries, water retention structures and office buildings. Mr. Trimbath is responsible for strategic planning, marketing and daily operations.


Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Barrett has over 35 years of experience in the design of precast/prestressed structure including parking garages, airport facilities and commercial/industrial buildings, professional sports facilities, marine structures, multi-family housing, and food processing facilities. In addition, he has experience in the realm of structural engineer-of-record services. As Vice-President of Engineering, Mr. Barrett assists in LEAP’s marketing, sales, planning, scheduling, quality control and contract efforts and directs Engineer-of-Record activities. Currently, Mr. Barrett is responsible for development of engineering standards, supervision of Project Engineers and Project Managers



Senior Chief Engineer

Mr. Harton has more than 50 years of experience in the design and construction of numerous structures including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, parking garages and airport facilities.  He has specialized in precast/prestressed concrete, cast-in-place concrete and post-tensioned concrete structures.  Mr. Harton is responsible for coordinating and checking engineering efforts for a variety of structural designs.  He currently leads LEAP's efforts in condition surveys and forensic engineering.  Mr. Harton has extensive international and expert testimony experience.