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Founded in 1951, LEAP was the first engineering firm in the country dedicated exclusively to the precast/prestressed industry.​​  LEAP's experience, commitment to quality, ​product knowledge, product satisfaction and innovative product development are mainstays of LEAP's mission which have kept the firm in the forefront of international leadership within the precast/prestressed industry. 

LEAP is a structural engineering firm dedicated to the use of precast/prestressed concrete.  Leading the way in innovation and experience LEAP its clients over 60 years of experience in precast/prestressed concrete design and detailing in the United States and abroad.

Renowned for their consistent high quality and professionalism, in depth client knowledge and extensive knowledge of precast manufacturing, construction and innovative use of precast/prestressed concrete, LEAP has the ability to provide their clients with these attributes for a large variety of precast building systems and applications.

LEAP is uniquely structured to better serve clients through proven project management systems to ensure ontime delivery of the highest quality services.